Canadian Business SenseAbility is a not-for-profit business organization uniquely focused on promoting the business case for hiring and retaining people with disabilities and creating awareness around the limitless marketing opportunities available. The SenseAbility business network helps companies realize the proven, bottom-line business benefits of hiring talented people with disabilities and serving a disability market estimated to be worth over $40B in Canada, $1 Trillion globally.

Canadian Business SenseAbility has become Canada’s leading business network focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the private sector. We are internationally known and recognized for our work. We offer a unique Canadian approach to solving a chronic and significant challenge. The private sector can and will play a significant role collaborating with others in addressing this challenge.

Job advertisements for positions that have been designated bilingual will be provided in both English and French on the website. Positions that are not designated bilingual are not translated and are displayed in English only on both the English and French versions of the website.