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The SenseAbility.ca website has been designed to provide the key principles of accessible design. We have implemented alternative text to non-text content enabling those who use screen reader software to access content on the site. The site can be navigated using a computer keyboard or with other assistive devices.

SenseAbility strives to ensure its online content meets the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard. However, some of the content and PDFs referenced on the site is provided through third-party links. We are unable to guarantee the accessibility of this content. 

The site offers various options to adjust the look of site pages for easier viewing. It includes options to change the size of text, page contrast, skip to main content.

Text size

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The text size of the website can be adjusted to suit viewing needs. The smallest “A: is the default text size. Simply click of on the desired size text to increase or decrease the size of the text on the website page. 


Default contrast | High contrast | Soft contrast

The colour contrast of the website pages can be adjusted by selecting either a high or soft contrast colour scheme.

Skip to main content 

This feature is useful for website visitors using screen readers. It enables users to skip over the repeated content shown on each page (e.g. logos, graphics, and navigation menus) and go straight to the main content of the page. This speeds up the reading process and helps the user avoid listening to unnecessary content. To use this feature, navigate to a new page, press the Tab key to select the "Skip to main content" link, then press the Enter key to activate the link.

Alternative text

Images on the SenseAbility.ca website have Alternative Text attributes, also known as "Alt Text." Images on websites are often used to convey information. This feature provides information about images, which can be understood by text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers. If an image is used simply for design purposes, the text attribute for the image is left empty in line with accepted best practices.

Descriptive links

The SenseAbility.ca website provides links to documents and content on other websites. The links on Senseabilitiy.ca have ‘title tags’, which provide additional information to those using screen readers to read web page content.

Captions and transcripts 

Videos posted on SenseAbility.ca are available with closed captioning.  Closed captioning (CC), also called “Same Language Subtitling,” provides viewers with written text of what is being said in a video. Audio files and links to media interviews have a text transcript available.

Windows 10 and Edge browser

Assistive technology users experiencing difficulties reading PDF files are encouraged to contact their screen reader software provider and Microsoft to resolve accessibility limitations associated with this recent upgrade.