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Canadian Business SenseAbility is a national, not-for-profit organization run by business for business. Our goal is to help companies accelerate success through the talents of people with disabilities.

SenseAbility was established in 2014 as an outcome of the 2012 Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. The panel’s report, Rethinking DisAbility in the Private Sector, documents that employing people with disabilities results in higher retention, revenue growth, customer goodwill and the development of great leaders. Cost, accommodation and training are not barriers, and the business case is rock solid.

Canadian Business SenseAbility was created to help companies access the value of including people with disabilities in their workforces. With a Board of Directors from the private sector, SenseAbility is run by business for business.

SenseAbility is supported through corporate membership, with start-up funding provided by Employment & Social Development Canada. SenseAbility is not an employment agency.

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Canadian Business SenseAbility’s vision is success accelerated through the talents of people with disabilities.


Our mission is to help Canadian businesses recognize and act on the strategic advantage of the large, untapped talent pool of people with disabilities.

To achieve its vision and mission, Canadian Business SenseAbility educates, identifies opportunities, and provides practical tools for sustained and measureable business success.

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